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So apparently I missed a lesson in ‘sewing 101’…it has been lovingly pointed out that Dariah’s pattern is up-side down. I didn’t notice it until I put them on her! So I will be paying closer attention next time I cut fabric! Thanks to those who looked that close (dad and J)!! :)


Cozy PJ’s

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I found some polar fleece material on sale shortly after getting here so I went ahead and got enough to make PJs for the kids. When my sewing machine finally arrived I got to work!

It was a really simple pattern and each pair only took me about 4 hours total…minus any interuptions, of which there are always many :)!

These jammies are so warm that the kids don’t have to double up on the pjs any more. They still need under shirts because the neck lines are too big, but I wanted to leave them room to grow!

Thanks Linda for teaching me how to sew! I love doing it!


Te Papa

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I’ll start posting with our visits to the National museum in Wellington called Te Papa. We’ve been there twice now, once on a Sunday afternoon and once during the school holidays. Admission is free so we only have to pay for parking. It is about 25 minutes away in downtown Wellington right on the water. We have only seen about 2 of the 4 floors. It is a very large, very nice museum. It is a fun place to go and hang out as a family, and there are lots of inter-active things for the kids to do.

Jesaiah’s favorite part is the collosal squid. They show a 3D movie on how they caught it and then they have it preserved in a case on display.

They also have all the native animals stuffed and on display too, as well as the dinosaur fossils that have been found in NZ, which there are too many of.

It is probably one of the nicer musuems I’ve been too, and it’s free! They do have certain exhibits that have an admission price, but you don’t have to go to those.

We did go and see the one they had for the past couple of months, it was called “A Day in Pompeii”. There was a 3D movie on the catasrophe and how it happened and then there were all sorts of artifacts and the body casts of people killed in the eruption. It was a very good exhibit, and the kids enjoyed learning about the volcano and how it affected Pompeii.

Eye of the Storm

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Last night, we experienced what ‘normal’ storms can be like here in Wellington/Lower Hutt. I was at my desk, preparing for a meeting with the Children’s Ministry team. I happened to glance out the window and thought ‘hmm, it’s getting pretty gray and windy. Must be a storm coming in’. A moment later I looked up again and the wind was literally howling and I thought to myself – ‘uh, oh!!’ I jumped up and started to run to the kitchen, yelling ‘batten down the hatches!!!’

By the time I got to the kitchen (literally not more than 10 seconds later), it had turned into gale-strength winds and pouring rain (coming down almost sideways!). The doors and windows were slammin’ and rattlin’, there was stuff in our yard blowing around, trash cans toppled over, trees bent over almost in half, cows flying by mooing (ok, maybe trees and cow things are a bit much, but you get the idea). And then the power went out. Bummer.

And we still had 1 kid out in that storm. Zachy was at a friend’s house a couple streets over. Just about then, the mom of his friend called and said they were just about to bring Zachy home when the power went out. And they couldn’t get their car out of the garage because the garage door opener was dead without electricity. And it didn’t seem to have a manual option to open it. Bummer. But another friend’s mom was on her way home and brought Zachy home for us, so we wouldn’t have to go out in the rain. Cool (we found out later that big branches had fallen on cars on the street where Zachy was!).

Anyways, the power stayed out for almost 4 hours, we had the Children’s Ministry meeting by candlelight, flashlight and wood fire. Probably like the apostles did back in the day! Well, probably without the flashlights or the homemade scones (thanks Becks) or the tea. It was an awesome meeting – just getting to know the workers and sharing our heart with them and hearing them share their hearts. Cool.

Oh, and by the way, after the storm, this came out. Ahhh, what a great reminder of God’s promises and faithfulness. It was right over our house. Double and triple cool….


Boyz in dah Hood!

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Disco Dave & Grooving Becks

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Check out these moves! We played this video of us at the last service we attended at CCF – the ‘hand-over’ service. It was a hit!

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Mini Wunderland

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I have tons of pics from tons of trips so here’s the first few. While in Hamburg we went to a place that has landscapes in miniature. And of course there is a model railroad that runs throught the whole thing. It was in a 3 story building and was amazing! I have to admit that I am a fan of model railroads, airplanes and minuatures in general. I find it fascinating, but could never do it myself because it would drive me INSANE to place every tree and rock by hand with tweezers. But I love to admire the work that others have done!
I think there were more adults than kids in the place, and the majority of those being men. It was fun the kids thought it was pretty cool too, except that it isn’t to touch. 😉
I have to admit I took alot of these shots with my dad in mind. In case you’re wondering where I got my love for model railroads etc…. 😉
So here are the pics, some are blurry, sorry. And some were taken by the kids so…
I don’t know how well the detail will come accross in the pics, but it was unbelievable! And keep in mind that lots of the cars moved as well as other parts of the ‘scene’. There were buttons to push in order to make something in the scene happen. The technology behind it all is beyond me! Just click on the picture to go to the album. I did it this way this time because there are so many of them!

Miniature Wunderland
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Still here!

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Yes, we are still here! It has been awhile since our last post, we’ve been busy and on the road. I have lots of pictures from our many adventures recently. Uploading them and posting about them will have to wait. But stay tuned one of us will get around to it before too long!

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