Video Tour – NZ Home

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Ok, as promised, here is the video tour of our new Kiwi style home here in Lower Hutt / Wellington. Enjoy the short vid. Oh, by the way, the rustling and whistling you hear in the background isn’t because of the video. It was really windy outside – normal for this area. They compare Wellington to Chicago as the windy city. Notice the trees wavin’ in the wind. 😉


Fotos: Arrival in NZ

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As promised here are some fotos from the last 2 weeks. Enjoy…

Last day in SoCal – monkeys on a fence.

Landing in Fiji at 5 AM.
Huge answer to prayer – we had seats on the upper deck and could spread out. The upper level seats about 60 and there were only 20 of us!

Soooo happy to be off the plane!

Also happy to be home, in NZ.

Home, Sweet, Home (Kiwi-style).
We’ll give ya a tour of the house in the next post…

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Back Online Again…

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Hi all, we’re finally back online again at home. YEAH! But we pay by how much we use so it’s not flatrate usage like in USA or Germany. But we’ll get used to it again. So DON’T send those huge files through email!! 😉

We’ll upload some pictures of the house, the kids’ school, the church, the area, etc. when we get a little bit of a breather. We had a good 1st Sun and Wed and are really looking forward to getting to know the fellowship better. So thanks again for all your prayers and support – we truly can’t do it without you all behind us. And keep praying for that car / minivan that God is preparing for us even now! 😉

Speaking of cars – we are all getting used to cars being on the LEFT side of the road. We have to teach the kids (and ourselves!) all over again how to cross streets – they keep looking the wrong way. I was told that a tourist was killed last year when he/she walked in front of a car! And we have to remember that here cars have the right of way (or is that LEFT of way – hehe), not pedestrians (at least that was what I was told). That means cars don’t stop for you – I have gotten some dirty looks already for forgetting this! Only in crosswalks do pedestrians have right of way. Even then, there are signs painted on the ground at crosswalks that say ‘STOP LOOK LIVE’ – very good advice!

Any ways, the next adventure will be DRIVING on the left side of the street! Oh, boy, I can foresee many interesting stories already!


Thank you all for praying for us! We have a couple answers to prayer – the kids started school today. Jesaiah is in the 5th level, Taliah is in the 4th level and Zachy is in the 2nd level. They all loved the first day of school. So that is a huge relief for us that they love their school. But keep praying – let’s see how it goes the rest of the week. 😉

Thanks also for praying for the washing machine – that was a huge request and God answered mightily. A neighbor of a couple from the church gave us a used washing machine! For free! Whoohoo! Now we just need to get the right hoses to get it hooked up and going! That was another huge prayer request because our laundry will be piling up pretty soon here!

Lastly, pray for a car. We are still in the search. We kind of have to wait until all our finances comes thru from the USA and Germany, but we are already looking around. A couple people from church are helping us search, so that is already a blessing. So keep on praying! Maybe someone will GIVE us a mini-van out of the blue!!! 😉 Wouldn’t that be something! With God all things are possible!

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Please Pray…

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Hi all, just another quick post. Thanks for all your prayers so far. But continue to pray as we get settled in and get all the household stuff we need. We have mattresses for us all, and a fridge (awesome!). Now we need a washer, won’t get a dryer yet – might not need one. Another big prayer request is a car/van. Pray that we can find an inexpensive one that will fit all of us.

We found a school and need to get the kids registered. Oh, please pray for Becks and Jesaiah – they both have allergies to something here and can’t breathe properly. It could be the mold and dust in the house or it could be the different pollen in the air, or all of it! Please please pray for them. Pray for us as we meet the fellowship this Sun. Can’t wait!

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Okay, I had to add this video – this guy is gooood! Man, if only the last Summer Olympics included sign-spinning! I bet at the next Olympics, the opening ceremony will include sign-spinning!

PS – read the previous post first.

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So here are a few more ‘interesting’ jobs that I have applied for or am really considering applying for! So, as you can guess, still no luck in week 6 of the job hunt. I am kinda gettin’ desperate, as you can tell by my selection of jobs. But I am not losing hope – yet. Especially since my godchild is praying I get a job real soon!

1. Healthy Athletic Joggers to hand out flyers. Must be able to maintain a light jog for 3 hours continuously. Yep, that’s what the ad said. I love this one – maybe I can combine the daily exercise and make some money doin’ it! Oh I think they pay something $0.10 per flyer handed out / put on doors or cars.

2. Clicking on Ads – yep, I actually signed up for this one. You click on ads and visit websites claiming to help you make $2,000 – $10,000 monthly online. For a small fee of $49.99 of course. And did you notice how all these websites basically say the same thing. And how they go mad with their highlighter. And how the site is like 15 pages long and you have to hold down the ‘down’ scroll button for 1 minute before you get to the end of the page. In any case, I made $1.00 (about 0.65 Euro) so far clickin’ ads! Wooohooo! Now we can save towards that van that we need! And that vacation to Hawaii (sorry all you Freiburgers – we’re going to Hawaii first! J/K 😉 )

3. Sign Spinners -yes, there is such a thing as a Sign-Spinner. You get paid by local businesses to stand on the corner of the street and hold a sign shaped like an arrow with the name of the business on it. And you have to do whatever you can to attract the attention of drivers as they whizz past you talking on their mobile (illegal!) and drinkin’ their Starbucks triple latte (over-rated).

Check out the vid to see what I mean. I hope to be as good as this guy one day. Then maybe someone will make a video of me and post it to YouTube! And yes there are a few people who do this professionally and will train you to become a better sign-spinner. Maybe they have one of the websites mentioned above. I’ll have to check it out next time I go clickin’ ads.

(as usual click on the ‘play’ button at the bottom left to play the video)

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More ‘Dream’ Jobs

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So here are a few more interesting jobs out there. I think it would be kinda fun to get to do some of these jobs. And get paid for it at the same time!

1. Fingerprint Analyst – unfortunately I couldn’t apply for this very interesting job. I didn’t have a degree in Fingerprint Analysis. Yes, you read that right, there is a degree for Fingerprint Analysis. I know you parents with little kids are probably thinking right now – hey, that Fingerprint Analysis course might come in handy when I ask my little ones ‘who broke the vase?’ or ‘who ate the last cookie outta the cookie jar’! Now you can just analyze the fingerprints left at the scene and catch the culprit!

2. Power-Spraywasher – another interesting one I applied for. You work at night, powerspraying sidewalks, gas station ceilings (when was the last time you looked up at the ceiling in a gas station!?!?), driveways, certain buildings, etc. Maybe I can bring the kids along and powerspray them – much better than baths. And faster too!

3. Survey-Taker – you get paid to surf the internet and take online surveys! That sounds too good to be true. It is. You can do it, but you have to pay first to sign up for their ‘program’ and then they’ll send you the surveys.

Oh well, the hunt for a job continues. I’ll keep you posted on what’s out there. And maybe, just maybe I’ll get to analyze your fingerprint or power spray you! So stay clean, be good, keep your hand outta the cookie jar and pray.


‘Dream’ Jobs?

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As part of the ongoing search for a job, I have been sending out about 2-3 resumes and applications every day for the last 2 weeks or so. So far nothing. But I have come across some very interesting jobs that I applied for. Really makes you think – do people really do this? Of course they do!

Now can you imagine me doing any of these things!?! 😉 But at this point in time, I am willing to do anything to support our family.

Here are some of the more interesting jobs…

1. Mortuary Assistant – I applied for this one, but don’t know exactly what the job will include. It only says that they will ‘train in ALL aspects’ of the business. That sounds really interesting!

2. Pest Control / Exterminator – this one was also interesting, at least for me. Hey John, maybe you can use some of the principles (and equipment) in fending off the ‘pests’ that ‘bug’ you on Wed nights! This might come in handy!

3. Traffic Data Collector – ever wonder who puts out those thin rubber hoses across some streets, and what they’re for? Well that’s where the Traffic Data Collector comes in! Oh, and it’s used to collect data on how many cars use that street (volume) and how fast (speed) and what time of day, etc. Cool huh?! Just gotta be really fast on your feet dodging all those cars and trucks. Have you ever played the video game Frogger – just imagine you’re the frog.

Well, continue to pray for us / me. We need to get settled with a job in the next month or two. But we know god will provide.


Prayer Requests

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Wow, we can’t believe it’s been 2 and a half weeks that we have been here in SoCal already. We are doing well, enjoying the weather – sunny and over 35 degrees Celsius almost everyday. Feels almost like vacation / furlough – but the reality that it is not is beginning to settle in. The kids start school in 3 weeks and we are running around trying to get all the stuff they need for school together. And still trying to get a few small things to turn the house into a home. 😉

Also it just somehow feels different being here this time – probably because we know in the back of our minds that we are living here and not just on furlough. Sometimes I just feel disoriented – emotionally and physically. I know that is part and parcel of the whole ‘re-entry’ process and culture shock but it’s still weird. At times it feels like it’s a dream and I’ll wake up in my bed in Freiburg. Other times it hits really hard that this is for reals and I start to panic and wonder ‘what the heck are we doing here?! did I hear God correctly?’ Weird.

One example of the difference of SoCal life – I forgot how huge the streets are! In some residential neighborhoods, the streets are as wide across as the Autobahn! And that’s only 2 lanes – 1 in each direction! And the freeways here SEEM like they are half a kilometer wide – with 4 and sometimes 5 and 6 lanes in each direction! It’s like driving in a sea of cars.

And we have to drive everywhere – to the market, stores, school, church, playground, etc. The kids keep asking why we have to drive so much – Zachie asks if he can ride his laufrad! And Dariah often screams ‘nein, nein, no!!!’ when we put her in her car seat to go somewhere – (Auntie Doro, you need to come and talk to her).

But all in all, it has been a good first couple of weeks. We have enjoyed connecting with friends and family again. Which has made the culture shock less intense. I couldn’t imagine coming back to SoCal and not knowing anyone and having to figure everything out on our own!

Anyways, for me, I have started looking around for a job, but haven’t had much luck. The economy isn’t doing that well and jobs that I qualify for are far and few in between. But I still have confidence that God will provide one for us. So pray with us – here are a few things to bring before the Lord…

1. quick adjustment to life here
2. job for David
3. car/van for the Phamily

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