Phamily Photo Montage…

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Here are a few fotos from the last few weeks – just of various projects and things we and the kids, some of it in the first week of the 2-week term/semester break….

The kids had a painting day where they went to the local supermarket, got some cardboard boxes and each got to cut them up and paint them and decorate them however they wanted.  Amazing how long a few cardboard boxes could keep kids busy and occupied.  And inspired their imagination!  Here they are hard at work…










































On the first day of the term break, I took the kids (well, the 3 who wanted to go) for a bike ride along the stopbank.  We stopped to skip rocks across the river and then to make a ‘raft’ out of reeds tied together with long grass.  We then threw it into the river and raced alongside the river on our bikes, trying to keep up with the ‘raft’ and stopping off along the way down the river to watch for it.  It worked for about half the way home, but then somewhere along the way the ‘raft’ got hung up and we never saw it again!  Oh well, time to go home…












Here we have offspring number 3 waking up with pretty bad bedhead.  Perhaps it was because he slept until after 10am that morning!  Oh well, that’s what school holidays are for!











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We Are The Chapmpions….

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Congrats to the Wellington Saints for their 2011 New Zealand NBL championship win over the Hawks.  Great game guys!  The kids and I and were able to take a couple of our friend’s kids with us to the Final and it was really fun.  And even though not all the kids understood all aspects of the game, they loved the atmosphere of the game and arena.

Here is a slideshow of the post-game celebrations and autograph signing. It was pretty cool that we could come right down to the floor and talk to the players – our kids were a bit nervous being around these GIANTS! Notice how HUGE some of these guys are – the kids barely come up to their hips! (click on the foto below to watch the slideshow)

From Vids – saints
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Scottish Line Dancing

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The kids have been taking Scottish Line Dancing the past few months and have really enjoyed it. Last night, even Dariah got in on the action (well, with the help from one of the mums – you ain’t getting me out there, I have 2 left feet!). Dariah really wants to be a part of the dance group, so here she goes…

(Notice in the video, near the end that she doesn’t just dance, she bounces and floats and is sometimes dragged and carried, 😉 ).  Auntie Doro, your little goddaughter is a-growin’ up too fast!

PS – the video was a bit choppy – I only had my cell phone with me, so that’s as good as it gets.


From Vids
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We’re Still Here….

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Wow, it’s been a couple of months since we posted on this blog, but we’re still around! We’ll try to be better about posting updates and fotos and videos. But we have found that facebook is a much easier way for us to get short updates out. So add us as a friend on facebook if you want to see more up-to-date stuff!

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