How’s Your Chest?!

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As part of the visa application process for New Zealand, we have to get chest X-rays. I assume they want to make sure we don’t have TB or any medical abnormalities. This past week, we got the reports back from the radiologist saying that our chests and spines look healthy and that there are no signs of TB or any abnormalities.

But what caught my attention and made me a little upset was this one phrase that was supposed to sum up the radiologist’s findings…

For Becks he summarized – Impression: NORMAL chest.
For me he summarized – Impression: UNREMARKABLE chest!!!

Now wait a cotton-pickin’ minute I thought! How come she gets a ‘normal’ chest and I get a ‘unremarkable chest’!? I think my chest is AT LEAST normal! If not downright remarkable!

I guess I gotta get out the weights and work-out a bit. Maybe then I can be bumped up to a ‘normal’ chest. And perhaps one day, with lots of sweat, hard work (and steroids), I can move up to having a ‘remarkable’ chest! 😉

LIke this guys below…


It’s a question that we all face in life – maybe daily for some. Or back up a little and ask ‘Am I even content? With who I am, what I have, where I am, what I am doing? Am I content??’ Those are some tough questions – maybe easy to answer, but hard to live out. Because we are constantly bombarded by societal pressures that try to make us discontented!

We’re not content with the way we look because Hollywood has convinced us that we would only be content if we look like a movie star or model. We’re not content with what we have because advertisers have convinced us that in order to be content we NEED the latest and greatest. We’re not content with what we are doing because we have been taught all our lives that we must achieve the American Dream – the big house in a suburban cul-de-sac with the white picket fence, 2 cars in the garage (1 sedan and 1 SUV), a dog and cat and 2.78 kids. So we strive and strive to achieve that illusive dream. But is that really contentment?

Paul in Philippians 4 gives us a few tips, pointers, principles (whatever you want to call them) on contentment. I’ll just list them out here with the corresponding verses. I won’t explain them much because I really want you to read those verses and let God speak to you. Let Him show you if you are content or not, and where you find your contentment. So here are the 3 principles that I see…

1. Contentment is independent of external circumstances and material things – Phil 4.11-12. Notice what Paul says – ‘in whatever state‘ and ‘everywhere and in all things‘. Am I content ONLY when things go well or ONLY when I have all I need and want?

2. Contentment must be learned – Phil 4.11-12. It is not automatic nor does it come naturally to us. Twice Paul says it is learned or understood though experience or teaching.

3. Contentment is only ‘in’ the Lord Jesus – Phil 4.13. In the Greek the actual sentence goes like this- ‘I can do all things IN [not through] Christ [or Him depending on which translation you use] who strengthens me.‘ Just remember with this verse – context, context, context. What does ‘all things‘ mean? Can I flap my arms and fly if I recite this verse while flapping? Meditate on the ‘all things IN Christ‘.

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