Sí o No, Señor

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Well, it’s been 2 weeks (2 Wed and 2 Suns) now since I started teaching at the Spanish Fellowship at our church. It’s been fun and the people are awesome! They are going through a very tough time as a fellowship and are so blessed to have any one come to minister to them.

One older gentleman (he’s 80) came up to me last Wed and gave me a huge hug and said thank you for coming. And with tears in his eyes, he said he wished I could stay with them permanently. He then said, he would teach me Spanish! One of the deacons asked (with a grin on his face) if temporary / interim pastor meant 2-3 yrs! Haha.

In any case, the leaders of the Spanish Fellowship have asked me to become their pastor! It seems that they are very willing to work with me, if I would lead them. And from what I understand so far, it seems like my pastor and our church would support that, but only if I would lead the fellowship. So it seems like I need to make a decision! Wow, I totally did not expect this at all!

So please pray for me, us. Is this what God wants? Or what I want? Oh and by the way, I have a job now. Actually 2 jobs – 1 full-time and 1 part-time (I’ll post about the jobs later)! And Becks also works part-time. So that would be another thing to consider – with 3 jobs between the 2 of us, plus the Arabic Fellowship on Friday nights, and now possibly the Spanish Fellowship – when will we have time for anything else?! So please pray for us.

PS – the title is Spanish for ‘Yes or No, Lord’ / ‘Ja oder Nein, Herr’.


Little Miss JabberJaw

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Just wanted to share a conversation I had with Dariah not too long ago. It’s amazing that she is really talking now, using complete sentences sometimes – and she’s not even 2 yet! We kinda talked about dinosaurs, spiders and her ABCD’s (that’s what she calls them). Notice her facial expressions. And not to mention the drool (and snot) now and again. I guess she really needs to lubricate her lips! Enjoy.

PS – Auntie Doro, you need to teach her some German!

PPS – as always, if the video doesn’t play automatically, click on the ‘play’ arrow in the lower left.


I know the title is not correct Spanish, but my keyboard lacks the proper keys to write it correctly. So why the Spanish? Well, it just so happens that I am now (on a temporary basis) teaching the Wed night and Sun morning services for the Spanish Fellowship that meets at our church. Wow, bet you never saw that one coming! I sure didn’t!

Our church, CCM, needed someone to fill in as pastor/teacher on short notice, so I was called up to bat. How long I will be doing this, I am not sure. Probably for a couple weeks or so, but it could go on longer. In any case, I think God has a great sense of humor – going from German to Spanish was not what I had expected! Now I find myself watching the Spanish channels on TV to see if I could understand anything! I actually took 3 years of high school Spanish – but that was over 20 years ago! Yo no comprendo / entiendo!

Yesterday was the first night I taught at the Wed night service and it was kinda fun. I wasn’t sure how they would receive a yellow boy (that’s Asian for you uninformed) teaching in English with a Spanish translator – interesting. But it went really well and I have to admit, it makes me really want to learn Spanish to communicate with the people. (Ok Isa, where are ya when I need ya!)

So I’ll keep you updated as to how this all turns out. And don’t be surprised if I start posting in Spanish now and again. Yo tengo que practicar. 😉

PS – I fixed the title, I hope.

PPS – if you’re wondering what the title means…it means ‘where is the bathroom, please?’ That’s about the only Spanish I remember from my 3 years of classes! Hahaha!

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Danke Freiburger Freund(e)!

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A couple weeks ago, we got an unexpected package in the mail – actually it was for Jesaiah. Most likely a belated birthday present for him. We opened it up and it was a huge LEGO set – almost 1400 pieces that make a bulldozer complete with motors and a remote control!

It didn’t come with a sender name except for ‘Friends from Freiburg’. So we don’t know exactly who to thank for it but will just post this to thank all who were so thoughtful and generous. After we got back from Oklahoma, Jesaiah and I sat down and started putting it together – actually he did most of the work and I only helped when he couldn’t figure it out. It was great father / son time.

What you see in the fotos below took him 2 and a half hours to put together, but he LOVED it so much! So again, thanks so much for your generous gift! We’ll be putting it together over the next weeks and will post the final product.

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Back in SoCal

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We’re back in SoCal now, we had a great time in Oklahoma, but now it’s time to get settled back into life here in hot and sunny Murrieta. We’ll be posting some photos soon, so thanks for being patient.

In the meantime, enjoy this comic – don’t you find yourself searching for EVERYTHING on Google? I do, well now I use Yahoo and get paid for it – made about $15 so far just from doing my normal searches from Yahoo instead of Google (ask me how if you want to join the fun)!

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To Be Continued…

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We are in Oklahoma (since last week) to visit becks’ parents and family. Unfortunately we don’t have much time to post a lot during our trip. So we promise to post more when we return to SoCal. And we have a few photos to put up when we have more time.

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