Where do I start….

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Well contrary to what many may think we are still alive and well! We have all been sick for a couple of weeks and are finally getting back on our feet.

We had our monthly women’s meeting a couple of weeks ago. We had a very sweet time of fellowship and worship. We read and prayed through Psalm 19. The last 3 verses have been speaking to me for the past few weeks. We are working on memorizing verse 14 as a family
‘Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my strength and my redeemer.’
I know that I personally need to meditate on this everyday and continually ask God to make this true in my life.
The following weekend we had visitors from the U.S.. Thank God we were healthy before they got here, we didn’t want to infect them with stomach flu! We were able to have a nice dinner with them Saturday night when they got here. Frank taught Sunday morning at church and then we had lunch together before they traveled on to Switzerland. It was short, but the time we did have together was really nice. It is always encouraging to meet up with old friends (thanks Frank and Gerri!) and make new ones (thanks Robert and Diane!). We were blessed by the visit!
Here are a couple of pictures we took in town with them…
So that’s our last few weeks in a nutshell. It looks like Spring is finally here to stay, hopefully we won’t have any more snow before winter! Please pray that we will all stay healthy, there so many sicknesses going around here right now, and the next few weeks will be pretty busy. (when isn’t it busy with 4 kids?! 🙂 ) Davey was out for a full week and then several days here and there this year, that is very unusual, and hard, for him.

Crazy Crazy!

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Well here we are in spring, or so it seemed last week with 28 C / 82 F temps, sun shining, sandals and T-shirts weather. And this week, well we have snow and 5 C / 41 F temps! What a shock to this old body of mine. Doesn’t the Good Book say something about crazy weather in the End Times?! 😉

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Random pictures

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Just wanted to post a few pictures of the kids, I haven’t posted many of Zachy or Dariah in awhile and they are changing so much so fast!
Dariah is already 5 months old, eating cereal and rolling over and grabing anything that gets within reach…including siblings hair.

Zachy is 2, and a boy…need I say more?
Since I have so many picturesI wanted to share I started a web album on picasa that you can look through if you want to and have time to. There aren’t that many in it, but more than I want to post here. Just click on the picture below and it will link you to the album. (Please let me know if you aren’t able to get to it for some reason.) You can play it as a slide once you’re in the album. Enjoy!

Phamily Photos

What a man!

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I have to say that I have the best husband in the world! Jesaiah had the stomach flu this week and Davey was right there to help with all the clean up and washing and everything. We thought we got away with only one sick kid…until Zachy woke up Saturday morning throwing up. And of course it was the morning we do our monthly women’s breakfast at church, and it was my turn to do the devotion. I was supposed to do it last month but I had a mastisis (sp?) and was flat in bed with fever and aches and the works, so I couldn’t cancel again this month.
That being the case my wonderful husband kept three of the kids at home and cared for the sick 2 year old. Those of you with kids know what this invovles when it is stomach flu…not fun stuff! And all this while trying to prepare his Sunday morning message.
Like I said ‘What a man!’

Here’s a pic of our cat (well, it’s actually Jesaiah’s but he doesn’t take care of it). Jesaiah named him after the dog Buster in Toy Story 1 (or was it 2?? – whatever). He’s got a fat belly, is a tick-magnet, ignores us except when he’s hungry and sleeps all day long (I guess all cats do). Other than that, he’s pretty cool – wonderful cat to have around!



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The Widgetized Kawasaki

Can you relate yet? I’m getting there, just a couple more posts…


I’ll Be Back…

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Hi all, just wanted to say we are still alive. Well sort of. We had a long week with normal flu, stomach flu, runny noses, spring fever, allergies – you name it we probably got it! Tanx for hanging in there.

Hey, and the next thing going aound the kindergarten is lice – yoohoo!! We’re up for dat!

Oh, and did I tell you our cat has tons of ticks? One tick was so fat (bigger than a grean pea!!!), it actually just fell off the darn cat! Cool huh?



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Just got this video of Jesaiah’s ‘auntie’ – i.e his godmother. She is a professional musician (from what I understand she’s fairly well known here in Europe) and also leads worship at our fellowship – Calvary Freiburg. In fact, in the video, the clips of the rehearsal/practice (not the ones in the studio) and concert is at CCF last summer. Enjoy!

check out her page at


This is for you Desi – maybe the Vespa wasn’t such a good idea. This sounds a lot safer – if you crash, at least it’s into snow!
Here’s how to get started…

Just an average day in downtown Anchorage, Alaska…

Downtown Anchorage – but it could be downtown Denver
Red Light! Gotta wait for the cross-traffic

And look at the funky helmet you get to wear – right up your alley too! Imagine riding thru downtown Denver w/ this on and yelling ‘mush’ to your dogs. You’d be stylin’.

Next Winter Olympics???

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Finally figured out how to load videos from our camcorder. Here are a couple videos from the kids’ ski weekend (Taliah in the pink snowsuit – of course, and Jesaiah in the brown one)…

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