It’s finally winter

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We got snow for the first time this winter on Wednesday. We woke up to about 3 inches of snow. The kids were so excited! We went sledding that afternoon with a friend just outside of Freiburg. Unfortunately I forgot to take the camera. But we went again on Friday just at a playground next to our house there is a small hill there that all the neighborhood kids sled down. It is really small but perfect for an hour or so because it is so close and the kids can get up and down easily by themselves. They had a blast both times!

Jesaiah and Taliah on the way to KiGa

Zachy on the way home from KiGa

Taliah and Jesaiah on the little hill. The snow was already starting to melt by Friday.

Gotta go up in order to come down!

Zachy didn’t do much sledding, just walked around with his sled and watched everone else.


Fun in the city

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The kids and I went to town yesterday to go for a ‘hike’ with the women’s Bible Study. Unfortunatley, I was late…it took me longer to get everyone ready than I thought, and the parking house in town was closed so we had to wait for a free spot.
So we missed going with the ladies, but we made the best of it. We walked through town a bit, played at the playground and then went back to the church for a little snack.
All in all it was a fun Saturday afternoon!

There’s a rock crocodile in the water!

Yummy chocolate muffins!

Crazy weather

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I think in the rest of the world is just calling this a ‘winter storm’ with gale force winds, but here in Germany the winds reached hurricane force so here it is being called hurricane Kyrill. The winds have reached about 124mph in some places. The entire train system was shut down on Thursday, something I’ve never heard of! Things are getting back to normal today, but with lots of delays. Even schools were closed. There have been several people killed and entire portions of forests flattened.
We had very strong winds here at home, but thank God no one in our area was hurt (that I’ve heard of). Other areas were hit harder than us(sorry Desi, just heard that Wittenburg ‘Luther’s city’ was hit pretty hard, buildings loosing their roofs). But as you can see in the picture it could have been bad here. This picture is taken out our kitchen window, notice all the construction sites and cranes. There was debris and trash blowing everywhere!
On the highways big rigs were blown over and cars were rolled. The pictures are crazy, trees and cars blown over. England was also hit really hard. You can look at the BBC online and see some of the pictures.
Temperatures are still relatively mild for this time of year here. Unlike for my parents in Oklahoma. They were without electricity for about 6 days, my aunt is still with out power because she lives further out in the country. Apparently trees and power lines are down just from the weight of the ice. I’m sure you all have heard more about that storm than we have. My parents are doing good, they have a generator from their motorhome (it has been a huge blessing Dean!)and a fireplace and gas cooktop, so no power is just a nucsiecnce. They were also without water for one day.

It just makes me think the time is getting really short. The weather is wiggin’ out all over the world and the political/social things also seem to be getting worse too…all I can say is ‘come Lord Jesus come!’
This is taken from the kitchen window, and is only a couple of the many construction sites around us. When we moved in three years ago we were the only house on our block, now there is only one undeveloped plot on the block!

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Here’s the ‘How-To of the Day’ – How To Safely Swim with Piranhas

Check out the 7 steps to safely swimming with piranhas

1. know where piranhas LIVE
(mapquest and map24 usually helps, even better is google earth)
2. avoid DESPERATE piranhas
(but it’s ok to meet mild-mannered, optimistic, cheerful ones)
3. stay IN the boat
(why would you want to get out of the boat!?)
4. wait until NIGHT to enter the water
(see comment #3!!)
5. stay out of the water if you have an open, BLEEDING cut
6. avoid making a FUSS
(especially when they’re nibbling on your extremities)
7. make a SACRIFICE
(but make sure the lamb, turtledove, bull or other clean animal is w/o spot or blemish! and don’t forget the sweet-smelling incense)

Read the full article here…


Modern day Miracles

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We had the privilege of expierencing a miracle this past week. A couple from our fellowship had their first baby on the 31st of December, unfortunately he wasn’t the healthy baby that they had hoped and prayed for. He was born 3 weeks too early and had something causing internal bleeding. The doctors couldn’t figure out what it was, they did all their tests and couldn’t find anything. He had to receive blood transfusions for a few days because of the bleeding. He was in intensive care from birth until they were sent home this week. He came near to death more than once during that time. It was a very intense, faith testing, time. We as a family and a church body have been praying since we found out about the situation. Praying for Gods healing and that we might see a miracle in that healing. We received an email from the dad yesterday saying that mom and baby were home, and that the doctors have no explanation for what it was. Praise God!
What a great God we serve! The dad wrote that up until now he was skeptical of miracles in modern times, but through this experience he has a deeper faith in Jesus Christ as our Redeemer, and the Lord and Creator of this world.
2 Timothy 2:13



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Well the calender says it’s January, but it sure doesn’t feel like it! We are usually experiencing below freezing temperatures by this time of year. Today however I was at the playground with the kids with only a light sweatshirt! The day time temperature today was around 57 degrees, unbelievable for this time of year!

Our kids got a sled from their god parents here with a gift certificate to take them sledding…except that there is no snow in sight and also none in the forecast for the next week.
The temperatures are colder at night in parts of SoCal than they are here right now!
whoo-hoo! Where’s the snow?
The kids and one of their ‘aunties’.


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We had to make another exciting trip to Frankfurt yesterday to go to the American Consulate there. We had to report Dariah’s birth and do all the paperwork for her American birth certificate and get her passport. And since Taliah’s passport expires in April this year we renewed hers at the same time.
We almost forget sometimes about needing the passports. Travel with the EU is so easy now, there are no border checks between EU countries. Switzerland however is not part of the EU and we sometimes go there to go to the zoo and we have to have our passports, even though it is only an hour away.
The consulate is not a fun place. You can’t take any kind of electronics in, or glass (which was only a problem when Zach was little and we had to renew Jesaiah’s passport and they wouldn’t let us take his baby food in), they even keep your car keys at the guard shack. It is especially boring for the kids, but they have to be there in person as do both parents. At least the boys didn’t have to come with this time, we had friends here who stayed with them. What a blessing!
It took us about 3 hours to drive up, we spent 2 hours there and then another 3 hours driving home, not something you want to do with all the kids if you don’t have to! Though the last time we had to go to the Consulate we made a family day out of it and went to a dinosaur museum afterwards.
But now everyone is taken care of and our next trip to the Consulate won’t be until 2010, Lord willing!


A New ‘Toy’ for Davey

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This was Davey’s birthday present from the kids and me…a roller (scooter in English?). Jesaiah got one for his birthday in summer and daddy always wanted to borrow it so we got him his own. Now he and Jesaiah can go roller riding together! Gee, I wonder what Taliah’s going to get for her birthday in Febuary?
The ‘boys’ took their rollers to the skate park near our house and rode them on the ramps and stuff there, they had a blast together! Davey also rides his part of the way to church sometimes, taking the strassenbahn (streetcar) the rest of the way. It is fun and also a form of exercise, now he just needs to learn to push with his left leg to give the right one a break!

My biggest ‘kid’

Three of my 5(?) ‘kids’
Sorry, Dariah, you’re still too little!


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Just some more pics from our Christmas outreaches. Once a month, we remove all the chairs in the back of our movie theater meeting place and decorate it kinda artsy, alternative, unstructured with throw pillows, rugs, tapestries, candles, etc. – it becomes the TeeOffenBar! The goal is to reach out to the teens and young adults who are waiting in line to get into the bars, nightclubs and discos on the same street where we meet as a church. In fact, right underneath us (in the basement part of the building) is an infamous Freiburger nightclub!

While the people are waiting in line to get into the clubs, discos, we pass out flyers inviting them to TeeOffenBar where we offer hot coffee, tea, snacks for free. It’s a great chance to talk to these teens (many are just kids!!) and to share about Jesus in a non-threatening atmosphere – many are amazed that we as a church meet in an old movie theater (high cool factor). This last month, we had between 50 to 70 non-believers come thru the T.O.B. – and we had many great conversations (many w/ Muslims) and passed out many Bibles and flyers and tracts. In fact a few have even come to Sun and Wed services. And some even have become ‘regulars’ at T.O.B. In fact, the bouncer of the neighboring nightclub (a non-believer) even recommends that ‘his’ people come to us while they are waiting to get into the nightclub!!


Happy Birthday Davey!

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No matter how much he would like to let his Birthday slip by unnoticed…it ain’t gonna happen! We let him sleep in a little this morning and then the kids and I served him breakfast in bed. They could hardly wait for him to get up and open his present!

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